Our Studio

Solarcert is a Canberra based building design studio, that was established by Tony Pike in 1999.

With an extensive background in both building design and construction, Tony and his team at Solarcert building design have built a solid reputation for providing a customer focused, creative and professional design service.

Constructing and new home, or addition is one of the biggest financial investments you will ever make. You will have a large amount of information to take in, and it will sometimes feel like you are going around in circles.  At Solarcert we understand that we play a very important role in your project, and our specialist team will listen and offer you practical advice to assist you through this process. .

The team at Solarcert cover all aspects of the building and design process from initial planning, through to selecting the right builder and gaining approvals.

For over 15 years, the qualified team at Solarcert building design have successful completed building design projects in Canberra, Queanbeyan, and the South Coast region of NSW.

Our energetic team are continually undergoing professional development programs that cover new building materials, and construction methods to provide our clients with most up to date and the best possible outcome.

At Solarcert we have a big commitment to the future and sustainability. When preparing our projects we address a number of other factors including responsible designs, focus on building performance, building materials and the social aspects. The team at Solarcert are accredited in the National Built Environment rating scheme, Greenstar rating scheme, Home Energy rating scheme and have accreditation in the Livable Housing Australia program that looks at designing houses with the ability to adapt at a minimal cost as our needs change during different stages in our lives.

Director and Principle designer Tony Pike is a Passive house designer.  Passive House is a European building standard that looks at the science behind low energy and healthy building design. Homes designed by the Passive House standard use 75% less energy than a typical Australian home, and also provide a very healthy internal environment due to the use of a filtered ventilation system.

If you are looking for an award winning Canberra building designer that is customer focused and willing to listen, please contact our friendly office on 62901819 to arrange your first complementary appointment.